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There are restrictions and limitations to the data that we provide. Please see our User Agreement below for more details:
You, the viewer/buyer/customer agree that the vital record information obtained through USAVital will only be used for the purpose of: 1) a commonly recognized personal business use whereby the business for which you seek the information has a preexisting business relationship with the subject of the inquiry; or 2) if you are the person listed in the records or on the certificate then the document that we obtain for you may be used for a commonly recognized and legal personal use, such as for personal travel purposes, obtaining a legal document such as a driving license or a passport, or replacement of a lost document; or 3) a use which will clearly cause no emotional, physical or financial harm to any person or company, organization or third party which is subject to the inquiry; or 4) a use that is relevant to the subject matter of a documented civil or criminal action; or 5) personal use, including genealogy, or because you are the child, or a direct relative of the child listed in the birth record.

Use of data obtained from USAVital shall be for legal and moral purposes only.

Use of the information obtained from USAVital in the course of or planning of stalking, identity theft or fraud is explicitly prohibited and will be reported to proper legal entities.

You, the viewer/buyer/customer agree to indemnify USAVital and its suppliers, employees and officers for all damages, claims, or losses suffered by USAVital as a result of possible claims by third parties relating to use of the data provided by USAVital. Although USAVital is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we continue to promote responsible use of the information that we provide. We expect that the information provided by USAVital will not be used directly in the preparation of a consumer report.  
We state to you the viewer, or user that, "Data obtained from USAVital should not be used in part or whole to determine a consumer's eligibility for credit, employment (employment, promotion, reassignment or retention), insurance or any other purpose for which a consumer report would be obtained, except in connection with collection of a debt. If adverse action is to be taken against the consumer data subject and the information to be used has been obtained from USAVital, it must be verified from another source prior to adverse action. This data should be used for lead or confirmation of information only." 

You, the viewer/buyer/customer understand that the information provided by USAVital has been compiled from public records and other proprietary sources for the specific purposes of (1) confirming the existence of a Vital Record for a legal purpose such as genealogy; (2) for personal travel purposes to Canada and Mexico, (3) obtaining a legal document such as a driving license or a passport, or replacement of a lost document; or 3) a legal personal use, because you are a direct relative of the person listed in a vital record.

You, the viewer/buyer/customer understand that you are strictly forbidden from reselling the information provided by USAVital.            

You, the viewer/buyer/customer have an obligation to respect the privacy of the public in accordance with the guidelines of the Individual References Services Group ( and you agree to review and comply with the guidelines, rules, regulations and other applicable laws including FCRA and the Privacy Protection Act. 

USAVital shall be indemnified from any and all claims and consequences arising out of found or not found information.

Likewise, you attest that you have not misrepresented yourself, your company, organization or your purpose for viewing the USAVital website or for ordering searches from USAVital. You understand that misrepresentation in this agreement may results in civil and criminal action against you and your organization, employees and affiliates. Buyer/Viewer is hereby notified that USAVital information is developed using standard investigative methods including public records, and third-party sources. All searches are on a best efforts basis, no guaranties, promises or claims are made about potential search results. USAVital shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages of any type. USAVital reserves the right to amend, change, or discontinue its prices and/or searches at any time. We reserve the right to refuse any client or any specific requests at any time and cooperate with law enforcement officials when misuse of information is suspected. Please direct all questions /comments to Customer Service.

Buyer assumes all related legal liability, and by ordering from USAVital consents to waive all claims against USAVital resulting from searches. Requester/buyer/client agrees to hold USAVital, its officers, employees, and vendors harmless and to indemnify USAVital, from any and all claims that may results from buyer's request. Buyer/Viewer warrants that requested searches are legal and proper in his/her jurisdiction and complies with all applicable laws (local and state) and Buyer bears full legal costs in event of suit, and furthermore will hold all information confidential.  Information obtained through USAVital is to be used in the course of legal (FCRA approved, if relevant) purposes, and held strictly confidential. Buyer warrants and agrees that requested searches are fully legal in his or her and subjects jurisdiction. Buyer realizes that most orders are processed immediately upon receipt and are non-cancelable after order receipt. Client/Buyer/Viewer agrees that visitation to the USAVital website or placing of a search request is not for the purpose of entrapment, sting operation, or pursuit of USAVital, its employees, vendors, clients, affiliates nor officers. Search discrepancies must be reported within 10 days. All unpaid fees subject to 20% interest from date of invoice, and buyer consents to suit in jurisdiction of USAVital's choice. Buyer consents to all terms & conditions as amended by USAVital from time to time.

The turnaround times quoted throughout this web site are an average, or our best estimates of the amount of time it will take us to process your requests for services and return the information to you. All listed turnaround times apply only to business days. Where turn-around times are listed as "days", or "hours", we are referring to business days and business hours.

Turnaround times vary widely from state to state. We make the application for the Vital Records either immediately after transmittal to our system, or, if outside of our normal hours of business of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., MST, as soon as our normal morning operations begin. Likewise we transmit the information to you as soon as it is received. Delays come from the state or county data repository, or from problems with communicating with the client. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that all contact information is correct.

Frequently, we return information in less time than we have quoted here, but if you absolutely must have information returned more quickly, please contact customer service for information on available rush service. Be aware that a "Rush Charge" will then be applied to the cost of the service. Expedited service may be very limited.

USAVital cannot and does not make any guaranties as to the results of search. Because USAVital cannot reasonably be expected to obtain information for false, erroneous, or unreasonably difficult requests (i.e. requests about people that don't exist, were never born in the state specified, are in a witness protection program, or are actively concealing their whereabouts and identity etc.), customers are billed for search requests only, and not for the results of the searches.

All searches on a best effort basis only. No refunds, exchanges, or credit. Customer/viewer/buyer is solely responsible for accurately filling out the order form, entering valid and correct contact information, and selecting the appropriate search. USAVital cannot be responsible for typographical or other mistakes in the ordering information entered by the customer. Because all orders are processed immediately, no cancellations allowed or accepted once an order has been submitted.

Prices & Products are subject to change without notice.

USAVital does not warrant the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the data available through telephone sales or sales made over the Internet via USAVital's web site.


For further information about the services offered by USAVital contact Customer Service by email or call 1-800-315-7678 (or 303-455-8855 if outside of the US). Our fax number is 1-877-587-4455 (303-455-4771 if outside of the US). Our hours of business are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mountain Standard Time (MST), Monday - Friday. Our offices are located at 1760 Gaylord Street, Denver, Colorado, 80206. For technical problems, contact Webmaster, Jason Hicks.
If you call to cancel your order BEFORE the order is processed, then there will be a $15 cancellation charge assessed. BUT please be advised that ONCE your request has been transmitted to our researchers it is NOT possible for us to cancel the charges, or change or expedite the order. Credit card fraud is an ongoing problem. For unsubstantiated, contested, or fraudulent credit card charges, there will be an additional $25.00 MINIMUM processing charge, PLUS collection and legal fees, IF incurred. If you call to cancel your order BEFORE the order is processed, then there will be a $15 cancellation charge assessed. BUT please be advised that ONCE your request has been transmitted to our researchers it is NOT possible for us to cancel the charges, or change or expedite the order. By placing an order with us you hereby agree to these terms.

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